Henry J. Lam

Copper Demi Gauntlet

Armor - Copper Demi-gauntlet

    Created during Metals Elective at RIT. Simple sketches of certain portions are followed by practice models using scrap steel sheet metal. Final piece is composed of 8ga and 12ga copper sheet metal, brass wire, and silver. Soldering, red patina, and hammering techniques were used.
15 Minutes

Game Design Document - 15 Minutes

    The central mechanic of this game, GOSSIP, was birthed out a concept for collecting peer reviews. At the time in early 2005, vanilla World of Warcraft did not have built in efficient means of gathering people and building groups for cooperative play. Fellow players needed to be solicited to join and sometimes were complete strangers. I felt a need for a peer review database, where one could investigate and find the relative competency and effectiveness of a player before inviting them to join.
     As I began to build 15 Minutes around this GOSSIP mechanism, I realized the potential for harm was significant. It became obvious that positive comments would likely be smothered by trashtalk and backstabbing. I feared GOSSIP would become a forum for negativity. Internet anonymity sometimes brings out the worst in people. So I abandoned the game even as Facebook was beginning to rise as an ideal platform for social gaming.
Naval Warfare

Game Design Document - Naval Warfare 3100

    While attending the 2007 Game Developers Conference, I had a chance to listen to a lecture by Jeff Minter, developer of Tempest 2000 for the Atari Jaguar. He recounted that one of the key goals he had was to provide a challenge level that would put and maintain people "in the zone".
     Recognizing this mental state that is not uncommon in gaming and the professional workplace, I felt inspired to produce a game that kept people "in the zone". I realized that the satisfaction was increased even more so when multiple people are cooperatively "in the zone". I was later told this sensation is known in psychology as flow. With inspirations from older flight/space sim games such as Air Warrior and Privateer, and the popularity of a television show called Battlestar Galactica, I began drafting ideas that would revolve around a persistent universe traveled and fought over by mercenary and mercantile crews.
Zombie World

Game Design Document - Zombie World

    Birthed from a small gathering of friends and the question,"What would you do if a zombie came through the door?" Evidently, everyone had different priorities. For those who chose to flee, which way would they go? Out a window? Up the stairs? For those who chose to stay, would they barricade themselves or find a weapon? What type of weapon? Then came the arguments about whose actions were more reasonable and all the "What if…" scenarios.
    The zombie survival genre is hardly new, but in this fictitious realm, heated discussions arise because apparently everyone is an expert. This type of energy and group communication is what I sought out to replicate. An extended moment where excitement meets camaraderie meets humor over each other's seemingly poor decisions where no obvious best choice exists.
Ingrid Michaelson - Everybody

Music Video Treatment - "Everybody" - Ingrid Michaelson

    Music video treatment for Ingrid Michaelson's Everybody from her album Everybody
Life as We Know It

Screenplay - Good Life Gets Better

    Screenplay for video promo for a spiritual retreat
    Target Audience: Young adults age 18-35
    Emphasis of the promo is to create an association between the viewer and the main character. It helps the viewer understand that spiritual development is meant to augment one's current lifestyle rather than subvert it.
Life as We Know It

Screenplay - Life as We Know It

    Ten friends gather together at a wedding. Many have not seen each other in some time and they catch up. They recollect about a moment during their college years when they collectively shared with one another the goals and ambitions for life that they had. It all centered around one question.
    An unexpected death causes them to revisit this question and frame it within their own lives once more. Ultimately, the viewer is also presented this same question: What is happiness?

Video - Happy Birthday Chris

    A short video wishing my friend a happy birthday. Self shot with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH1 with a no-name C-mount f1.4 25mm lens mounted to a monopod. Edited with Adobe Premiere

Video - Learning English

    Part of a series of videos that accompany a class on learning English. The dialogue was not written by me, but I created and animated the scenes through Muvizu. I also recorded the voiceovers. Edited with Adobe Premiere

Video - Snow on Spunky Canyon

    A short portion of a longer unguided meditative piece on introspection and focusing on the "here and now". Shot with a Sony MHS-PM1.
    As we proceed on this road, this path, what do we sense? What do we try to perceive? Do we struggle to look up and ahead to the unknown future? Perhaps what we are missing lies in the snow, the visual noise. We feel the presence of external distractions. But if we look long enough and deep enough within ourselves, we will understand that the distractions do not come from around us, but are formulated from within.